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Game Schedule + Mission

Practice Session Spring 2022

Saturday: 2-4pm Frederick Douglas Playground (Amsterdam and 102nd)
Sunday: 10am-12pm Booker T Washington (108th b/w Columbus and Amsterdam)
Tuesday: 4:30-6:30pm Booker T Washington (108th b/w Columbus and Amsterdam)


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Adam Fofana Founder and Coach

“I believe all children who love soccer deserve the
opportunity to reach their potential. With the right coaching,
proper physical and mental preparation and with access to
game opportunities or grants; I believed we could make this
happen. In 2005, I decided to take action.
After months of research, my goal was not merely to give
young soccer players a place to play, but to develop players
who could compete at the highest level anywhere in the
world and helping players to become better human beings.
They learn the value of being a team player. And in some
important cases, the academy itself provides a positive
nurturing environment for youth living in impoverished
Thanks to the support and trust of our coaches, volunteers,
parents, and players the ELEPHANTS SOCCER CLUB OF
HARLEM is growing strong. Our players and their parents
have faith in us and they believe we can make their talents
shine. With this in mind, we continue to nurture their love
and passion for the game.
Our children have talent. The ESCH nurtures that talent.
There is no greater reward than seeing our players
soccer and in life. Together, we prepare them for the


Donate to Support our Club Transportation

Please consider supporting Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem as we celebrate launching of our new website, our incredible Partnerships and the re-Opening Up of NYC from the pandemic. ANY donation is HUGELY appreciated. A suggested donation of $50.00 (Any donation amount helps) This Donation goes towards gas, transporting players, equipment to and from practices & games. maintenance on our team transportation. Thank you in advance for taking the time to learn more about us and look forward to including you as we move forward to new success and providing social good for our community. Warm Regards, Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem

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Jay Block

Elephant Soccer Club Of Harlem


Personal growth through sport is the main objective of Elephants Soccer Club. The "beautiful game" of soccer helps develop exceptional people. We strive to create an avenue for success both on and off the field.ESC pledges to offer lessons and skills applicable for both soccer and life. They are interchangeable.